Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

Rabbits are some of the most beautiful animals in the world, which is just one of the many reasons why they are a favorite choice as home pets. Aside from their physical beauty, rabbits are also loyal and friendly, making them the perfect companion pets even for small children. However, owning and taking care of one is not an easy task. In fact, properly raising a rabbit needs time, love, effort and money. When these needs are constantly provided, expect your pet to grow happy and healthy.

With increasing popularity and demand as a family pet, the rabbit is indeed becoming a regular member for many animal-loving families. Below are some more reasons why these furry animals are considered a must have a pet.

Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

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Small Size

Due to their small size, rabbits do not require large living spaces. In fact, a small cage with enough space to move freely and comfortably is what they require. In addition, their small size makes them easy to handle especially for children. However, extra caution and care must always be given when handling this friendly pet to avoid injuring or hurting its small frame.

Extremely Attractive

Most animal lovers prefer rabbit because of its extremely attractive appearance. One look is often what it takes for you to fall in love with this loving creature. Furthermore, rabbits come in various colors that will surely catch anyone’s attention. With different color patterns to choose from, it is certain that there is a colorway that suits your taste.

Low Maintenance

Another factor that makes rabbit one of the most sought after pets is its low maintenance lifestyle. Unlike some animals that require a special diet consisting of expensive and hard to find food items, rabbits only need fresh hay and a few fruits and vegetables. 70% percent of its daily diet is composed of nutritious hay that is readily available in most pet shops. This diet requirement is extremely vital because it maintains proper overall health and prevents various diseases that are commonly associated with rabbits such as overgrown teeth.

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Overgrown teeth is a common health issue that results in the front teeth piercing the face. Clearly, this is a very painful and stressing condition that can lead to death when left untreated. Fortunately, this can be easily prevented by religiously following your pet’s required diet of hay, which naturally grinds rabbit’s teeth to normal and healthy size.

Aside from fresh hay, rabbits can also be fed with fresh fruits and vegetables that are common in supermarkets. However, minimize serving fruits vegetables that are high in sugar and acids, which can lead to other health issues.

High Energy

If you are looking for a pet that is full of energy for various activities, taking home a rabbit is the best option. Rabbit’s seemingly unlimited supply of energy and urge to engage in different activities make it a popular choice for singles, couples, and families looking for a constant companion pet. Furthermore, this furry creature is also regarded for its high intelligence, which makes interaction more fun and meaningful.

Because of the fact that rabbits are always on the go, they require regular time for interaction and play. This need must be met to make sure that your pet remains happy and healthy. When bored and inactive, there is a high chance that rabbits will develop health issues. In addition, providing time out from its cage will enable your pet to exercise and stretch its legs.

Healthy Animals

Rabbits are considered as one of the healthiest animals in the world. When properly taken cared of, some breeds can live more than ten years, which is amazing given the fact that they are small creatures. Although they are susceptible to a number of diseases and health conditions such as overgrown teeth and flystrike, all of these can be prevented by maintaining proper health through right daily diet and regular exercise.

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Aside from meeting these requirements, it is also very important to have your pet checked by a vet on a regular basis especially when you suspect abnormal behavior. A healthy rabbit is always active, attentive and a good eater – any behavior that deviates from these is a cause for concern.

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