Top 5 Medium-Sized Bunny Rabbits You Could Have as Pets

Not too small and not too large, weighing just between 6 to 11 lbs, the medium-sized bunny rabbits fall under this description you are looking for as house pets. Most rabbit pet-owners would recommend having medium-sized bunnies to care for over the smaller and larger ones due to several reasons. One of these is their maintenance requirement. The smaller rabbit and the medium-sized ones are almost the same in terms of feeding and diet as well as their housing and nurturing required. Moreover, medium-sized rabbits are not too fragile as the smaller ones and can be handheld by older kids without having to worry much.
We have come up with the list of the ideal medium-sized bunny rabbits for pets. This list is based on the opinions of rabbit pet owners mainly in terms of the rabbit’s personality and maintenance required.

Here are the top 5 medium-sized bunny rabbits recommended as pets

1. The French Angora

french angora

Photo: Emma Jane Hogbin Westby | Flickr

If you are looking for the fluffy and furry type, the French Angoras are the right ones for you. They love to be petted and stroked on their back by their human companions. Just make sure that people unknown to them, particularly kids, will not pet them immediately at first meeting or else these rabbits will have to deal with stress and anxiety. It is important that you gradually introduce them to people prior to any contact.

The French Angora comes in different colors of fur which needs constant grooming to avoid odor and tangles as well as tick and flea infestation. This is the only challenge to face when raising French Angoras, however, their affectionate qualities and loyalty is a token you will get when you show them love and nurturing.

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2. The Hotot (Blanc de Hotot)

medium hotot bunny rabbits

Photo: Maja Dumat | Flickr

Comparing to the dwarf hotot, the medium sized hotot bunny has longer ears in proportion to their body. They could weigh from 8 to 11 lbs. Their prominent black eyeliners and pure white fur are the features that make them look more pleasing to the eye. Since their fur is quite short but very velvety in texture, this could be maintained easily by simple brushing. In fact, some pet owners don’t do much of a maintenance in their coating because they have naturally beautiful coat even when not groomed at all. Grooming will only be required when there are signs of tick and fleas.


3. Medium Rex

Their coat is short with velvety ends which makes this breed a top choice for rabbit owners to have as pets. Aside from the easy maintenance and simple diet, the medium rex also has great personality. Though not as really the calm type as the other rabbit breeds, Rex’s are smart and trainable. They are very playful and can be so active but not too hoppy like the other breeds. They are also used as show rabbits. Physically, they look firm and masculine.


4. Palomino


palomino bunny rabbit

Photo: rabbit_image | Flickr

They are known for their striking golden color. The palomino rabbits are also used in pet shows and are favorite among breeders and pet owners. In terms of personality, this rabbit breed is very friendly and submissive. They always like to be around with people, particularly the family members that care for them. But just like other rabbits, they can be too aloof with strangers at first sight.

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If acquiring a palomino rabbit, it is important that you have them in pair because this breed of rabbit loves companionship and will live healthier and longer when around with an opposite sex. However, they could also be temperamental when mating season takes place that’s why it is important to have them neutered after hitting puberty to avoid such aggressive attitude.


5. The American Sable

american sable

Photo: rabbit_image | Flickr

In terms of maintenance, the American Sable bunny rabbits could be a bit of a challenge because they normally shed for quite a long period of time and in patches. So this basically means that you have to deal with floating fur for quite a while if your American Sable is housed indoors. Though this could be avoided if you groom them on a daily basis with proper rabbit fur brush.

What makes them a favorite among pet owners is their ability to destress itself. When something bothers them, they respond to it or they can get your attention by creating weird noise by thumping its foot to scare away the thing that stresses them unlike other rabbits that will just deal with the anxiety causing them health problems. In terms of overall personality, the American Sable also has a very dear attitude towards people.

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