Top 5 Giant Rabbit Breeds You’ll Love for a Pet

When choosing rabbit breeds to have as pet, we all have different preference in terms of size. Based on surveys among pet rabbit owners, many would prefer the smaller breeds because of their low maintenance requirement. It is uncommon to have a giant rabbit as pets because of their size which most people think is suitable to breed only for their meat produce. Glad to say, there are still pet owners out there who look into giant rabbits as something to care for and love not only because of their ginormous size for a rabbit but also because of their gigantic personalities.

Here are the top 5 giant rabbit breeds that could be ideal as pets:

  1. The Continental Giant


continental giant rabbit

Photo: Anna Hull | Flickr

This breed is also known as the German giant. The biggest rabbit ever recorder was more than 4 feet tall and it belongs to this rabbit breed. In fact, that big rabbit has a name (Darius the Giant Rabbit) because it is actually a house pet kept and nurtured for more than 5 years now, and it’s still alive, kicking, and perfectly healthy. It even has a son who is about to beat his record for being the largest rabbit.

According to their pet owner, she would prefer the giant rabbit breeds rather than the smaller ones because of their gentle personality towards humans. She attested that larger rabbit breeds like the continental giants are easy to maintain and not complicated to care for like what other would think based on their size.


  1. Giant Angora
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giant angora

Photo: The Turtle | Flickr

If you prefer a large fluffy one, the giant angora is what you need exactly. They are the largest among the angora rabbit breeds. Since they are naturally extra furry than some of the other breeds, daily grooming is required. Perhaps, this is the only challenge when taking care of the large angora breeds because in terms of personality they are the same with the medium and small versions of the angoras. This means that this breed will give you giant personalities too such as being playful, docile, sweet and affectionate.


  1. The Giant Chinchilla


giant chinchilla rabbit breeds

Photo: JanH1961 | Flickr

In terms of maintenance, this breed is quite a low one. They will only feed on hay and small amounts of pellets which is unusual for their large framed bodies. Some breeders would recommend them as house pets if one is looking for a large rabbit to care for. Their personality is ideal to the nurturing type because this rabbit breed is loving, quite laid back, and docile.

This kind of rabbit is actually a cross breed of the American Chinchilla and Flemish Giants. It has been bred for over 45 years now for livestock purposes mostly in the United States.


  1. The Flemish Giant


flemish giant rabbit breeds

Photo: Rhiannon Boyle | Flickr

This is one of the oldest among the rabbit breeds. Though originally bred for the purpose of fur and meat production, the Flemish giants can also be ideal as pets. They are known for being gentle on humans and children too. They are naturally calm and docile to their humans. Nowadays, this breed is being known as house pets rather than meat producing rabbits mainly because of the lesser meat they are able provide due to their big bones.

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  1. The Checkered Giant
checkered giant rabbit

Photo: rabbit_image | Flickr

If you prefer a unique colored giant rabbit with prominent black and white markings like that of a checkered, then this rabbit breed is the right one for you. These black spots are scattered throughout their body and some circling the eyes. You can easily identify this breed from the others.

Aside from these markings, their fur is relatively very short which means grooming can be done on a frequent basis. Just like their other giant counterparts, they are also considered as gentle giants because of their calm personality. They can be very playful as this is their way to exercise but they are harmless and can be petted by children.

Most of these giant rabbit breeds are related to the Flemish giants. Though most of them are bred for their meat, they can also be a good companion. Their large size is ideal for hugging and cuddling. If you notice, almost all of them are good mannered in nature. It would be best to ask for recommendations from rabbit pet owners who own any of these breeds to acquire first-hand information before getting one for yourself.


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