Top 5 Best Rabbit Breeds for House Pet

There is no doubt that rabbits are ideal for pet lovers especially those who consider pets as a gentle companion. There are many different rabbit breeds that you can choose from and each breed has its own unique characteristics. All breeds of rabbit make a good house pet, but it would be much better and fun if you choose the rabbit breed that will suit your personality.

Based on our research, we come up with a list of the top 5 rabbit breeds that are suitable as house pet. These breeds are recommended by experienced pet owners when it comes to behavior and maintenance. If you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit, perhaps this list will help you decide what kind of rabbit breed is right for you.

Top 5 Rabbit Breeds You’ll Love


1. American Fuzzy Lop

rabbit breeds-fuzzy lop

Photo: richie graham | Flickr

It is a small rabbit breed that weighs around 3-4 lbs. Their lop down ears make them cuter to look at. They come in different colors and their fur is somewhat similar to wool in terms of thickness and fluffiness. This rabbit breed originated from the Holland Lop breed and French Angora.

To keep them well, frequent combing is essential because of their wool type fur. They have great active personality and they love to play with toys. Rabbit owners love to be around with this breed because they are fun to be with. Just make sure that they have a companion rabbit because this American Fuzzy lop can get sad easily when alone. Happy rabbits live longer.

2. Mini Rex and Rex

rabbit breeds-rex

Photo: Tom Peters | Flickr

If you are a fan of Easter rabbits, Rex rabbit is the breed to choose because this type of rabbit is always used to portray our favorite Easter bunny. The standard Rex rabbit could weigh from 7.5 to 10 lbs but there is a little version of this breed which is the Mini Rex and this one is a favorite of rabbit pet owners.

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Rex rabbits have very short, velvety fur which is easy to maintain. They are low maintenance for a pet and will eat any kind of rabbit foods you offer them. As for their behavior, they have a very calm personality which makes them an ideal house pet. Their good-natured approach towards other rabbits and to humans makes them a child-friendly pet rabbit breed. Affectionate and intelligent are just few of their great characteristics.

3. Dutch

rabbit breeds-dutch

Photo: Manu | Flickr

Weighing just about 3 to 5 lbs, Dutch rabbits are one of the small rabbit breeds that are suitable for children to pet. They are mostly a combination of two colors with the other color being white. Their prominent mark is the blaze on their face that separates the two colors.

Like the Rex rabbit, Dutch rabbit breeds are also calm in nature and they can easily get along with humans and even with small children. They have a sweet personality that makes them one of the most preferred pet rabbit breeds.

4. Netherland Dwarf

rabbit breeds-netherland dwarf

Photo: Steven Tom | Flickr

The Netherland dwarf is one of the smallest rabbit breeds you can find. They can weigh up to 1 ¾ up to 2 ½ lbs. Their prominent features include small erect ears, large head, and short neck. They have short, glossy fur that is easy to maintain from rabbit fleas.

Rabbit owners find this breed easy to litter train because of their nature to find their way back to the same spot where they relieve. Though not really suitable for kids because of their aloof and skittish behavior, mature rabbit pet owners like this breed because of its energetic and active traits. They are also easy to keep with minimal grooming required.

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5. Palomino

This is a medium-sized rabbit breed that could weigh up to 8 to 11 lbs. This type of rabbit comes in one shade of color which is the golden-brownish shade. Palomino rabbits are not only good for pets but this breed is also the show type particularly those with prominent ears and small shoulders.

One of the reasons why pet owners like this type of rabbit is because they are easy to maintain and always clean. Palomino rabbits regularly clean themselves and they also clean other rabbits too. They are ideal for kids because of their friendly temperament. Palomino rabbit breeds are also a companion pet and can be trained to participate in animal assisted therapy.

Normally, pet lovers acquire small rabbit breeds for a pet because of their simple maintenance effort required. Other than the breed, you can also consider the age of the rabbit before getting one. Older or more matured rabbits are easier to train than the younger ones. The gender of the rabbit is also another point of consideration as pet owners would recommend male rabbits (buck) for a pet over female rabbits (doe). Typically, bucks are more manageable than the does, but when female rabbit is neutered, they are also excellent pets.

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