Sussex Rabbit

Sussex rabbit displays a well-rounded body with a short head and well-built legs. Its ears are also in an upright position. Its coat is short, soft and dense, which is why it needs to be groomed at least once a week for the majority of the year. However, during molting season, the coat must be groomed once a day to maintain proper health and appearance.

Sussex rabbit comes in two colors – the gold variety, which is also known as a teddy bear, and the cream color, which has a lighter shade.

Sussex Rabbit

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Behavior and Temperament

Sussex rabbit is known to be very affectionate and friendly, which is why it is also considered as one of the best breeds for families with small children. It is also ideal for singles, couples and even senior citizens. However, due to its curious and interactive personalities, it requires a considerable time for interacting and bonding moments with its owners.

When given enough time for interaction, this breed will further develop its intuitive and inquisitive traits. On the other hand, neglecting this requirement will likely make your pet timid and unwilling to bond with people. Certainly, this will be an issue that must be addressed immediately especially when your work and other obligations take up most of your time. One of the most effective solution to prevent this issue is by providing toys made specifically for rabbits.

To cope up with this breed’s demand for regular interaction and play time, provide toys that are readily available in local pet shops. Aside from keeping your pet busy and occupied, these toys also effectively develop both its mental and physical skills. If these commercially made toys are unavailable, the best alternatives are simple toys made from common house items such cardboard boxes and plastic balls. Aside from being a lot cheaper, these toys will also maintain your pet’s urge for play time.

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In addition to being friendly, another trait that makes this breed highly sought is its above average intelligence. Considered by many rabbit enthusiasts as one of the most intelligent breeds, Sussex rabbit can be easily trained and taught various commands and tricks. An example is litter box training, which your pet will probably learn within a few training sessions. However, the success of the training also depends on the effectiveness of your training methods.

Aside from being very friendly to humans, this breed can also get along very well with other house pets such as dogs and cats. However, you still need to supervise when your pet plays with these animals to avoid injuries and accidents. Due to its small body, this breed can be easily injured by innocent but rough play.

Health and Care

Although considered as a healthy breed, The Sussex rabbit is highly susceptible to being overweight. This health condition is linked to the fact that this breed can be very greedy when it comes to food. As a solution, always watch the amount of food you serve. In addition, make sure to provide only the freshest and highest quality food items that contain essential minerals and vitamins. Of course, the majority of its diet must be fresh hay. The rest can be a mixture of fresh fruits, vegetable, and rabbit pellets. Furthermore, avoid food items that are high in sugar and acids, which can contribute to weight gain problems and other health issues.

Another health issue that you must constantly watch out for are flystrike or other parasitic infections. Flystrike is often linked to being overweight, which prevents your pet to groom itself properly. If you suspect flystrike or parasitic infections, immediately bring your pet to a vet to get proper treatment.

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Lastly, due to its compact body, this breed is also commonly affected by eye/mouth diseases and overgrown teeth. By always providing hay, fresh fruits and vegetables, its immune system will be strengthened for better protection against these diseases.

History and Background

Sussex rabbit is the result of cross-breeding Lilac and Californian rabbits. Although considered as a fairly new breed, Sussex rabbit has gained immediate popularity among rabbit lovers due to its charming personality and vert attractive colors.


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