Smoke Pearl Rabbit

The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is a small to medium sized breed that displays a muscular body with a semi-arched back. It has small but straight legs, and ears that are short but in an upright position. It also possesses a somewhat pointy head rather than squared. The eyes are full, bright and give a red glow.

Due to the fact that this breed was organically bred as a source of fur, the Smoke Pearl Rabbit has a luxurious, thick and extreme soft coating. In fact, it’s very thick and dense fur makes it very cuddly and huggable.

Smoke Pearl Rabbit

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Behavior and Temperament

The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is very popular due to its laidback and friendly personality. This breed is suitable for singles, couples, senior citizens, and families with small children. Due to the fact that this animal loves constant attention, it enjoys interacting with all kinds of people and does not mind being held regularly. In addition, the Smoke Pearl Rabbit makes an ideal companion pet for small children because it loves playing and is known to be gentle and unaggressive.

However, due to its small and fragile frame, very small children must be supervised when playing with this animal to avoid unwanted injuries and accidents. Still, children will surely have a great time bonding and interacting with this breed.

Because of its need for regular interaction and playtime, this breed must be given few hours each day to bond with its owners. Simple activities such as letting it sit on your lap or allowing it to roam outside its cage are more than enough to satisfy this requirement. To further enhance bonding activities, using toys made specifically for rabbits is also high recommended. These toys will not only make playtime more enjoyable but will also develop your pet’s mental and physical skills. If you have money to spare, buy these toys from any local pet shop. On the other hand, if you prefer cheaper and customized toys, look for simple house items such as plastic balls or cardboard boxes. Aside from saving money, you can customize these items to your pet’s specific needs or wants.

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Health and Care

The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is a hybrid breed, which means that it is very healthy and generally considered free from heredity diseases. However, just like all breeds, The Smoke Pearl Rabbit is susceptible to health issues commonly linked to rabbits especially when not given proper care. One of these common rabbit diseases is a condition called overgrown teeth. This happens when the teeth grow excessively and pierce the facial skin. Aside from resulting in extreme pain, this condition causes other health issues that can eventually lead to death.

Fortunately, this condition can be prevented by simply following your pet’s diet requirement, which must be composed of 70% fresh hay. Hay naturally grinds your rabbit’s teeth to proper healthy size. In addition to hay, the diet must also have fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber. On the other hand, fruits that are high in sugar and acids must be avoided.

In terms of the environment, your pet must be kept in a safe and secluded location that is free from predators and other dangerous animals. Also, the cage must be large enough to allow your pet to move freely and comfortably. If you prefer an outdoor cage, make sure to buy or build an enclosure that is sturdy and strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. The cage must also be placed in an area where there is always more than enough air circulation. In addition, do not place the cage in an area that is directly exposed to sunlight.

When you observe abnormal behavior displayed by your rabbit, immediately bring it to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. You can also have it vaccinated against deadly diseases like myxomatosis and Viral Hemorrhagic Disease (VHD).

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History and Background

Smoke Pearl Rabbit is just one of two rabbit breeds that have Scottish origin. It was developed by Mr. Lawrie Stonehouse of Scotland and was first introduced in a show held in 1926. During its early years, this breed was initially called Smoke Beige Rabbit. After several years, the name was changed to Smoke Pearl Rabbit in 1932 to encourage more followers.

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