Silver Marten

Having one of the softest furs among all rabbit breeds, patting a Big Silver Marten rabbit is truly a relaxing activity. As this breed matures, its coating develops unique marking while giving a polished appearance. Distinctive silver white marking also becomes visible under its ears and belly

Although extremely soft, Big Silver Marten’s fur is short and measures to about 2 inches at the average. Due to its short but thick coating, this breed is prone to matting. As a solution to this coating issue, regular brushing is recommended. The different coat colors of this breed also make it special. The two most common color combinations are the Silver Marten, which is known for its majestic polished coating, and the Black Silver Marten, which is often present at show competitions due to the perfect contrast of its black coating that matches the white patterns on its body.

Silver Marten rabbit

Photo:  Silke | Flickr

Health and Care

Rabbits are praised for being tidy and clean. Although they are active and tend to run a lot, they have naturally good hygiene. Despite of this, there are instances when your help is needed. When your pet develops a molt, you can easily run your fingers through its coating to untangle and remove foreign particles. Another is option is to use a specific brush that is perfect for its short and thick wool. You can easily purchase one at the nearest pet shop.

Bathing your Big Silver Marten rabbit is not recommended because this activity brings stress to this tiny creature. If you live in a cold environment, even a quick bath may cause health issues. If you can’t resist cleaning your pet rabbit, patting its body with a damp cloth will do.

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In terms of nutrition, your pet rabbit needs the same 70% hay and 30% vegetables/fruits food mix. Also, take into consideration fruits like apples and pears that may harm your pets because of cyanide content. Some fruits that contain high amounts of sugar must also be crossed out from its diet.

Big Silver Martens are not easily susceptible to diseases, but one concern you must attend to is wool block, which happens when a block of fur is stuck inside a rabbit’s body. Like cats, rabbits clean their coat by licking. By doing so, your pet accumulates pieces of hair inside its stomach that eventually develops into a fur ball. This ball sends wrong signals that your rabbit is full, when in fact they are in need of food. To avoid this fatal event, some rabbit owners use papaya enzyme tablets, which can apparently break down wool block.

Another health issue common to rabbits is worm infestation. Aside from chemicals, various parasites and insects can be present in hays and grasses. To prevent these unwanted parasites from taking over your pet’s system, deworming twice a year is highly suggested. In the end, it is always better to prevent than cure.

Behavior and Temperament

Male Big Silver Martens are usually neutered when they reach 3 to 4 months. On the other hand, females are commonly spayed when they reach four to six months. Some rabbit owners like to start their pets at the soonest time possible. But for veterinarians, they like to wait a little longer and let these rabbits mature to reduce risk of complications when on the operating table.

In terms of behavior, Big Silver Martens are like any other rabbits – highly active and playful. This breed is perfect for families with small children as they make the best companion and playmate.

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If you want to maximize the life expectancy of your pet rabbit, it is suggested to buy and raise a pair. The logic behind this is that rabbits tend to live longer when they have constant companion.

History and Background of the Silver Marten

The origin of Silver Martens started in mid 1920s when breeders from the United States surprisingly reported getting little black rabbits from the litter of Chinchilla breed, which carries a different color coating.  From these little black rabbits with the distinctive polished fur, another breeding program was conducted. The result of this breeding trial is the Silver Marten rabbit, a breed made popular by its polished coating with distinctive white marks.

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