Rabbits for Kids: Are Bunnies Okay as Pets for Kids?

Are you considering rabbits for kids as their pet? If this is the question, then you have to ask yourself first—are your kids ready to have rabbits as pet? First of all, before giving children a rabbit to pet (or any kinds of animal) you have to consider first if your child has the capacity to care for a living creature that requires time and effort. Try to determine first if teaching them some responsibilities at their young age should have to involve having pets around.

rabbits for kids

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Rabbits for Kids with Ages 6 Years Old and Below

Having rabbits for kids at this age to have as pet is something to think over first. Rabbits are fragile creatures. Not only that their body is fragile but also their personality. Rabbits could easily get stressed and this condition could lead to illnesses. If you are teaching your children responsibilities by having pets to look after for, rabbits may not be the best option. Kids this age will find them not only as a pet but they would think of them as a snuggle buddy or a toy because rabbits are very cute and furry. Most children would not be contented to just touch it and look at it but they would pursue to carry it and play with it.

When rabbits are threatened, they sometimes have the tendency to become aggressive. If not properly held, they will try to escape from the person’s arms or hands by wiggling, kicking, and sometimes scratching thus, it could injure your child when they will try to do this. This will also injure the rabbit once it got loose on your child’s arms. It could potentially fracture or bruise the rabbit. Larger animals like dogs or cats could be the best option for your child at this stage. These animals are more sociable with humans and they are not as sensitive and fragile as rabbits are.

Rabbits for Kids 7 Years and Above

At this age range, rabbits could be a possible option as pets. Older kids have more control on handling little animals. They can already sense if their grip is too tight or too lose, thus, handling rabbits can be thought easily. You can also easily instruct them on how to do things and they will begin to see rabbits not only as something cute to play with but they are also old enough to understand that caring for them would require attention and effort on their part. We recommend that prior to giving your child a rabbit, they must be briefed first on the do’s and don’ts of rabbit care.

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Factors to Consider Before Entrusting Your Child with a Rabbit

There are several things you need to determine first whether you would give your child his or her own rabbit or whether to give other type of animal. As a parent, you are the one who knows what would be the best for your kid and that includes knowing if your child really deserves a rabbit (or any animal) or not. This is not only about protecting your child from the danger of misbehaving pets, but also protecting the animal from accidents and injuries.

  • Is your child fond to animals? If you don’t see that your child has interest on animals then don’t give him or her animal yet. Teaching them responsibilities doesn’t always have to start with animal care. You will know if your child likes animals if they see one. Show your child pictures of animals, or let them watch animals on TV, or show them real live animals and let them choose which they would like best (only animals that are safe as house pet). Children with lack of interest on animals will most likely abandon or take them for granted.
  • Are you an animal lover yourself? This question is equally important as your child’s fondness to animals because if your child had a change of mind (which they normally do) and gets lazy caring for his or her pet (especially when they poop), the responsibility of taking care of the animal will be passed on to you. This is one of the main reasons why rabbits or any other kinds of animals end up in rescue shelters. Parents initially acquire rabbits for kids as pet because kids easily like them with their harmless and charming appearance. Parents would also think that rabbits are easy to care for because of their size and their diet.
  • Do not think of rabbits as disposable animals just because they multiply faster than any other animals. This mentality about rabbits makes them one of the most picked animals as pet. As of this writing, there are more than 30,000 rabbits (and counting) in rescue shelters.
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Having rabbits for kids as pet is an important decision to make. It is a 10-year commitment that requires genuine love for animals. Rabbit care is not as hard as you think it is especially when you get to understand their personality. Giving your child a rabbit is a big responsibility for them and you have to make sure that they are ready for this.

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