Rabbit Tantrums: When Your Pet Bunny Shows Some Attitude

When your pet is showing some rabbit tantrums, it will be pretty obvious and you will easily understand that it’s giving you some kind of attitude. Bunnies, particularly the older ones are pretty sweet in nature, especially those that have been with their humans for quite a long while and had established trust and connection with them. Sometimes, even if the trust is there already, there are still times that your pet bunny will throw fit at you for no apparent reasons.

Chewing, digging, and nipping are normal in rabbits because these actions are part of their behavioral instinct. As a new pet rabbit owner, you have to be familiar with these kinds of behavior because you’ll be surely encountering these many times. Don’t get anxious, instead, be prepared by rabbit-proofing your home in case you decide to let them stay indoors. Rabbit tantrums are actually different from these actions but can sometimes be confused with these as well.

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Dealing with Rabbit Tantrums

When your pet rabbit starts to act annoyed and doesn’t want to be hold at times like they used to (unless they have health issues), it is most probably that it is in some phase where he or she is having so

me hormonal changes. If you rabbit isn’t spayed or neutered yet, it could be that it is somewhat “in heat” (though rabbits don’t really get in heat because they can mate anytime) or sexually active and ready and doesn’t want to be disturbed.

At this phase, rabbits become too aggressive and moody most of the time. Male rabbits will throw fit by spraying pee or circling around your feet while female rabbits will become territorial and will bite when being invaded. If you are not into breeding rabbits, you can get rid of this wild behavior by having them undergo spaying or neutering process. They will less likely to experience the symptoms of hormonal changes when they undergo such procedure.

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Younger Rabbits Unruly Behavior

Since younger rabbits are more complicated to get along with than the older ones (see : Why a Mature Bunny Rabbit is Easier to Train), most young rabbits normally throw fit to their humans. These rabbit tantrums will include thumping of feet, scratching walls and floors, and sometimes they will throw themselves into something to create noise and get your attention.

These happen when they need something they really want. There is a funny rabbit tantrums story where the pet owner wouldn’t allow her rabbit to get inside the bathroom so the bunny rabbit keeps scratching the door and will bang itself on to the door hoping that it would open. In this case, the bunny rabbit, who obviously know its way around the house must have marked the bathroom as one of its favorite spots.

Rabbits are Calm in Nature

Rabbit tantrums don’t happen often as rabbits are normally calm animals. Sometimes, they throw temper tantrums because of valid reasons such as when being frightened, stressed, or when they are meeting new people. They get frightened with loud sounds such as thunder, noisy appliances, the sound of moving furniture, and other loud, weird sounds they hear.

There are things that make rabbits experience stress such as taking a bath, new surrounding that they are not accustomed to, and also when they see new faces. Strangers can make rabbits go wild especially if these new people would attempt to touch or hold them. Rabbits may scratch or bite when they throw tantrums.

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When they are in any of these situations, it is important that you help them keep calm. You may pat and gently stroke their head and fur to make them feel at ease. If they don’t want to be touched, you can hush them by speaking in a gentle calming voice. As much as possible, do not let someone they don’t know pick them up and carry them as most rabbits will get scared. If your rabbit fall on the floor as they try to escape, it could lead to an injury or a broken bone. Moreover, there is a proper and careful way how to pick up and carry a rabbit.

It is important that we deal with their tantrums accordingly. Even if these temper tantrums will cost us some of our stuff being destroyed or messed up, we will still find them cute and easy to forgive. Never hit or hurt your rabbit in any way because you will give them more stress and it will frighten them more. It will not help to hurt them, instead shower them with more love and care which will they eventually give back to you in return.

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