Rabbit Home: Choosing Between a Hutch or Cage

If you are one of the numerous people thinking about buying or adopting a rabbit as your new pet, there are many things you must first consider before making this important decision. One of the most important factors to thoroughly think about is choosing the best home that will give maximum comfort and safety.

When picking the perfect rabbit home, there are basically two kinds to choose from – hutch or cage. A rabbit hutch is commonly used outdoors, which is why it needs to be strong and sturdy to withstand extreme weather conditions. Though not always, rabbit hutch is usually made of hard wood and a wire front and bottom. Often, there is also a door at the back of the hutch to allow easy entrance and exit for the rabbit. An opening door at the top is also often built to allow better access when cleaning the hutch.

On the other hand, a cage is usually the best choice when you plan to keep your new pet indoors. Also built with strong materials, a rabbit cage allows easier access to your pet whenever you want to feed or interact with it.

Rabbit Home Choosing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rabbit Hutch

One of the best selling points of using an outdoor rabbit hutch is that it is easier to manage the waste products of your pet. You can either use a cleaning tool to remove the waste or splash away using a water hose. In addition, keeping an outdoor hutch results to minimized odor of the wastes compared to using an indoor cage. Furthermore, if you don’t have time to clean your pet’s home daily, an outdoor hutch is your best choice. However, cleaning the hutch is necessary especially after a few days or when the wastes have already piled up. Doing this will prevent health issues linked to bacterial and germ infestation.

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If you have a small apartment or house and do not have extra space to accommodate your pet, the outdoor hutch is the only option. Aside from saving space, outdoor hutch will also enable you to customize the living space of your pet.

Although using a rabbit hutch gives many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that must also be closely examined. One of the most obvious disadvantages is minimal safety. An outdoor location means that your pet is highly at risk with various predators such as cats, dogs, coyotes and birds. This explains why your hutch must be strongly built and made of materials that can withstand pressure. Although these predators may not physically harm your pet due to the sturdy hutch, the rabbit can still experience trauma from regular harassment that can eventually lead to death.

Another downside of using an outdoor hutch is that your pet can develop various kinds of health conditions due to extreme weather conditions. Although some of the bigger rabbit breeds can tolerate extreme cold and hot weather, the smaller breeds will not last very long. As a solution, you can use other materials to protect your pet from extreme heat or cold.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Cage

The most obvious advantage of using an indoor cage is that your pet is protected from extreme weather conditions especially during winter and summer. Furthermore, indoor cage also minimizes the possibility of being attacked or harassed by predators.

Another advantage is that your rabbit will always feel that it is close to you and other household members, which will solidify your bond and relationship with it. Rabbits are very social animals and they need regular interaction with humans to avoid being bored.

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In terms of disadvantages, there are also a number of negative points that you must consider. One of these is the need for daily cleaning of accumulated wastes inside the cage. Fortunately, modem rabbit cages are designed with removable bottom where the wastes accumulate. You just need to remove and clean using running water.

Choosing an indoor cage means that you must also regularly clean your pet to prevent foul odor from spreading all over you home. Although a quick bath is often done, the safest way to groom your rabbit is to wipe its body using a soft cloth damped in lukewarm water.

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