A Rabbit Eats A Banana And Steals Our Hearts!

Photo from Under Control

Many of you will probably agree when we say that there are only a few things as satisfying as watching our rabbits eat.

This particular video is a close-up shot of an adorable rabbit eating a banana. Watch as this little bunny makes the cutest face while chewing her favorite fruit.

Just a little reminder for rabbit owners – while it is satisfying to watch our pets eat, we have to know the basics of keeping them healthy and well nourished. For example, as seen in this video, the rabbit’s owner only gave it a few pieces of banana.

Rabbits love bananas, but too much banana could be harmful to your rabbit, as the fruit has high sugar and carbohydrate content. Do not give your rabbits a piece of banana with a size bigger than that of an adult’s thumb.

For the meantime, enjoy this short clip of a rabbit enjoying a banana:

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