Pet Grooming for Rabbit: Learn the Basics of Rabbit Pet Grooming

If you seriously want to keep a rabbit as pet then it is highly important that you learn some basic pet grooming for rabbit. Caring for this kind of animal requires regular grooming to help them maintain a healthy well-being. Grooming them when needed also makes your life easier as you care for them. At first, it may seem difficult because rabbits can be so fragile and delicate, but once you learn the basic of rabbit pet grooming and you perform it quite frequently, you will realize it is not that difficult after all and that grooming them is one of the best bonding moments you could have with your pet.

Here are some things we need to remember in pet grooming for rabbit

Body and Fur

• Furry animals like rabbit shed quite often. There is minimal shedding after every three months and they will also have a heavy shedding afterwards. If your pet is a long-haired rabbit, you have to put more effort in taking care of them during this period such as trimming their fur and regular combing. Bear in mind rabbits are similar to cats in terms of the hairball dilemma, but unlike cats, rabbits don’t have the ability to vomit the hairballs. This could cause blockage in their stomach and is very fatal when not prevented.

• A rabbit cleans itself by licking its fur or licking its paw and rubbing it on its fur. They do this often and this is the way they groom themselves. It is not recommended that you give rabbits a bath or a dip in the water because doing so may cause them a lot of stress.

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• Always check your pet for rabbit fleas. Look closely on their skin too for any signs of flea marks, flaky skin or rashes. If there are signs of fleas, consult a veterinarian before you try to self-medicate them with over the counter pet products. Rabbits can be so delicate and using cat or dog medication can put their health in danger.

pet grooming for rabbit scratching its fur

Photo: John Benson | Flickr

Odor- control

• Surrounding a rabbit’s anus is what you call scent glands which you can also find under a rabbit’s chin. When you start smelling something unpleasant on your rabbit, it means scent glands have accumulated and you need to clean it up to control the odor. Just swab away the brownish build up on these areas with cotton dipped in warm water.
Nails and Feet

• To care for your rabbit’s feet, cut their nails regularly but be cautious not to overcut it. The padding on their feet is too soft to let them walk around rough surface most of the time. Place rugs or any kind of resting pad where they can rest their feet.

For rabbits that stay in cages, always check their feet for cuts or inflammation. Sometimes, rabbits’ feet could get inflamed when soaked in urine particularly if they have existing cuts or wounds.


• Pet grooming for rabbit include checking their ears regularly and cleaning them to prevent ear mites infestation. If you think your rabbit has ear mites, have them checked by a veterinarian for proper medication. Excessive ear mite infestation could be fatal to your pet rabbit.

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• To clean their teeth, offer them fresh hay. Hay and grasses are not just healthy for their body but it’s also good for their dental health. Munching on hays keep their teeth straight and strong. Rabbits with overly crooked teeth or those that overlaps (malocclusion) need to seek medical attention. Normally these teeth formation are being corrected through clipping. Ask an expert on how to perform this on your pet. This condition, when not treated properly, makes you rabbit have hard time eating and it could starve them to death.


• Teary eyes or minimal eye discharge is just normal with rabbits. When eye discharge accumulates on the corners of the eyes, simply wipe it off with tissue. When the accumulation dries up and could be a bit hard to remove with tissue paper, use wet cloth or wet tissue to wipe it off or apply a gentle ophthalmic saline solution to soften the discharge. If the discharge becomes too excessive, visit a veterinarian to check for any symptoms of disease.

Pet grooming for rabbit is not that hard. Aside from regularly grooming them, showing your gentle love and affection are the best things you can do for your pet rabbit.

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