Part 2: About Rabbit Care FAQs

From the part 1 of this article, we answered 5 commonly asked questions about rabbit care. We shared tips on what other pet animals can get along well with rabbits and at what age children can have their own rabbit as pet. On this part, we will answer some important questions about rabbits that most of us should know. Read through below.

Commonly Asked Questions About Rabbit as Pet

1. Q: Could my rabbit bite or scratch me?

A: Yes, all animals have this tendency and rabbit, though it looks fragile and harmless, can also have the tendency to hurt humans through bite and scratch. Although they are very less likely to show this behavior as they are naturally gently animals, rabbit bites and scratches happens when they get angry or annoyed if they are handled improperly.

2. Q: What would be best for my rabbit, to live alone or to have a companion pet?

A: The answer to this question depends on you. You, as the primary caretaker, should know better if your rabbit needs a companion or not. Rabbits are solitary animals but at the same time they are highly social. If you notice that your rabbit has an aggressive attitude and territorial, it would be best to let them live in solitary, but of your rabbit has an attention-seeking attitude or too clingy and very gentle towards objects and other animals, you may give them a companion rabbit provided that you don’t intend to breed them.

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If you decide to keep them in pair without the intention to breed, have them spayed or neutered first. Having this procedure done to them could actually improve the rabbits’ behavior, improve their health and well-being, and help them live longer.

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3. Q: How long do rabbits live? What is their average lifespan?

A: It depends on the size and breed. Some larger breeds have shorter life span than the smaller size but as always, the key for them to live up to their maximum lifespan is only through proper health care and good nutrition plus having their reproductive organ altered. With all these in check, your pet rabbit can live up to 10 years or actually even more.

4. Q: I’m a working professional and I’m out of the house most of the time. Can I leave my rabbits alone all day at home?

A: Yes you can leave them all day as long as your house or the area where they often stay is bunny-proofed. This is important because not only that your rabbit’s life can be put in danger but also your furniture and properties could be damaged by your curious rabbit. They will chew your wooden furniture, carpet, and even electric wires.We recommend that you provide them a rabbit play pen or a large cage so that they can roam around on a larger area but will be limited to go to the other areas of your home. Of course, you have to provide them with enough food and water until you arrive. Enough or even extra supply of fresh grass hay and specially formulated rabbit pellets for your pet rabbit is necessary if you are the type of person who is often out of the house.

5. Q: Are there relevant differences between a male and female rabbit? How about the difference in breeds?

A: Yes. Male rabbits are calmer than female rabbits. Larger rabbits are better-behaved than the smaller breeds. Smaller breeds particularly the dwarf breeds can be more aggressive.Some expert owners of large rabbit breeds, particularly the Fleming giants and Continental giant breeds would attest that larger rabbits are almost similar to companion dogs in terms of behavior.These are the most common questions we encounter from rabbit owners. If you have other questions about rabbit care and other rabbit topics, you can freely browse the articles that we published here in the website. We have created detailed articles about rabbit care, rabbit behavior, rabbit foods, rabbit breeds, and other different topics about pet rabbits. We also share some entertaining videos about bunny rabbits that you can watch.

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