Part 1: Rabbit Care FAQ

Rabbit care could be tricky at times especially if you are a newbie pet owner, but as you go through your journey caring for your pet rabbit, there are a lot of things that you  will actually learn first-hand by just being their primary caretaker and observing their ways. If you get puzzled by something unusual about your rabbit, you can always ask an expert’s opinion so that you can give them the kind of care they need.

We have collected the most commonly asked questions about rabbit care from new rabbit owners and those who are considering to acquire rabbits and provided each with best answers to help them decide if indeed rabbit is the ideal pet for them. As the questions are quite numerous, we divide this topic into two parts. Below is the first part of the most commonly asked questions about having a pet rabbit and important rabbit care tips.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions and answers on rabbit care.

1. Q: Can I keep a large rabbit breed and care for it the same way I care for a smaller breed?

A: Yes, but you have to consider that the bigger the rabbit you have, the larger the cage and play area it would require. Moreover, the food consumption depends on the size of your pet, the bigger they are the more they need to eat. This just means it is more expensive to maintain a larger breed of rabbit compared to the smaller breed. This also applies to other animals.

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2. Q: Are there rabbit breeds suitable for outdoor care?

A: Of course, in fact all breeds can adapt to outdoor living. You just need to consider having the outdoor area where you will place them be weatherproofed and safe from predators. If the rabbits are used to live indoors and you decide to keep them outdoors, you may start to do so at the beginning of the summer season.

3. Q: I have rabbits but I want to adopt another pet. What kind of pets can get along well with my rabbits?

A: Many experts would agree that the best companion pet for rabbits is the guinea pig but there are many pet owners who are successful in petting rabbits with cats and dogs. Guinea pigs can be housed in the same cage with the rabbit but make sure if you are housing them with male rabbit, the rabbit must be neutered so that they will not harm the guinea pig when they become aggressive when experiencing hormonal changes when in heat.

rabbit care bunny and guinea pig

Photo:  Chris Parfitt| Flickr

4. Q: I have only one rabbit for quite some time and thinking of getting another one. Would it be okay for my rabbit to have a companion rabbit in the same cage?

A: Yes. Although rabbits are considered solitary pets, they would still do best with a companion. The first thing you have to do as a pet owner is to slowly give them time to become acquainted with each other. If your purpose to provide them a companion is because of breeding, you need to ask for an expert advice on how to breed rabbits first.

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5. Q: Is it okay to give my child/children rabbit as pet?

A: It depends on the age of your child and your child’s personality. We all know that rabbits are very gentle animals and they don’t harm people but the case here is actually the rabbit’s welfare. If your child is still a toddler, he or she is too young to know the proper rabbit care and most importantly, the proper way to handle a rabbit. They will see rabbit as a toy and not as responsibility. Rabbits can easily get stressed and once they are always in this scenario they could be prone to stress related diseases and could die.

The best age for a child to have his or her own pet rabbit is around 7 years old and above. At this age, your child can easily learn the proper way to care for them and how to handle them. We recommend that you teach your children first about the history and background of rabbits so they would understand them better. Check out our post about rabbits and kids.

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