Miniature Lion Lop

The Miniature Lion Lop is a small breed that is closely compared to the Mini lop. However, there are distinct differences such as the Miniature Lion Lop having more fur in the chest area and a mane that is the same with Lionhead rabbit. Although small, the Miniature Lion Lop possesses a broad and well-muscled frame. The front legs are also short but well built. In addition, the chest is stocky with a head that displays a curvy profile. Lastly, the ears hang out from the sides of the head.

The coat is medium in length, with hairs that are soft and dense. In terms of color, this breed is available in numerous colors including steel, opal, iron gray, blue, beige, blue point, smoke, butterfly with red or blue eyes, agouti, and black.

Miniature Lion Lop

Photo: Zashion Stud|Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

Like most rabbits, the Miniature Lion Lop is highly sought for its friendly and well-mannered behavior. It is an ideal pet for singles, couples, and families with small children. Although it is usually relaxed and docile, this rabbit can also be very active and playful, which make it a favorite among children. However, small children must be supervised by an adult whenever playing or interacting with this rabbit to avoid unwanted accidents and injuries. Due to the fact that it is small, the simplest accident or improper handling can cause injuries.r

Another factor that makes this breed highly demanded is its willingness to interact with people from all walks of life. It enjoys energy filled activities as well as relaxing back rubs. To keep it happy and stress-free, owners must make time for daily interaction. If you can’t find time for daily play or bonding, providing toys is the best option. Toys made specifically for rabbits will keep your pet active and occupied, while also enhancing both physical and mental skills. However, if money is an issue, cheap alternatives such as simple plastic balls or paper rolls are the best options.

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Although this breed can survive alone, it won’t mind sharing its cage with another rabbit. In fact, it will have more fun playing and grooming with someone of its kind. If you choose to do so, make sure to provide a larger cage where both rabbits can move freely.

Health and Care

The Miniature Lion Lop is considered a healthy breed, being susceptible to a few health issues that are common among all rabbit breeds. One of which is overgrown teeth, or excessive growth of the front teeth to the point that they pierce the facial skin. To prevent this issue, make sure to follow the proper diet of all rabbits – 70% fresh hay and 30% combination of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other rabbit foods. Hay naturally cuts down the teeth to the proper size, so it is essential to follow this diet plan correctly. However, avoid food items that are high in sugar and acids, which can be very dangerous for all rabbits.

Another common health issue among rabbits is being overweight, which can lead to other health conditions. When overweight, your pet will find it hard to groom itself, which will make it more vulnerable to parasitic infestation and bacterial infection. In addition to making sure that your pet maintains proper weight, it must also have mandatory vaccinations for protection and prevention.

The Miniature Lion Lop is most active in the morning and the evening, which is why you need to let it out from its grace during these times. Being able to stretch its legs, exercise and run around freely is important in maintaining health and happiness. When these requirements are neglected, your pet becomes more at risk of developing inactivity and boredom.

History and Background

The Miniature Lion Lop was first bred in the early 2000s. A rabbit enthusiast from the United Kingdom named Jane Brimley crossbred a Lionhead rabbit with a mini lop. The result is a very beautiful breed with amazing fur that we now call Miniature Lion Lop. The British Rabbit Council (BRC) accepted this breed in 2006.

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