Mini Plush Lop Rabbit

The Mini Plush Lop Rabbit is one of the most unique, beautiful and rare rabbit breeds. This rabbit breed with scientific name: Oryctolagus cuniculus, is a very interesting and cute rabbit which weighs only about two to four pounds.  Its coat literally feels like silk and is soft to the touch.  It displays a small, compact and floppy looped ears.  What makes it an ideal pet, aside from its silky smooth fur, is the fact that it does not undergo excessive shedding compared to other rabbit breeds.

Mini Plush Lop Rabbit

Photo: Amanda K | YouTube

Behavior and Temperament

The Mini Plush Lop Rabbit is a very docile, quiet and sweet pet.  It is an adorable and affordable pet due to its small size.  It clamors for human interaction and would curiously hop around the house.  One of the reasons why it is a very ideal pet to be with children, even the little ones, is that it loves to play around.  It can be curious about anything including a tiny ball and paper rolls tossed

Since it is extremely friendly and playful, it needs the constant attention of its owner.  It is also intelligent and is trainable on how to use the litter box if you decide to put the pet inside your house.  However, it also needs a pair or a partner, just like human beings.  If it finds or is provided with a pair, it will immediately feel at home with the other rabbit and can do “allgrooming”, meaning that they will “groom” each other by licking and grooming one another just like some cats and dogs.

The Mini Plush Lop’s character and temperament are like that of a pet dog in such a way that it also has its “happy language”. For instance, it wags its tail to express feelings of happiness and recognition of its owner.   It also exhibits other forms of happy disposition such as running around, jumping high in the air and twisting its body, and other gestures to show its emotions.  Likewise, it also displays temper or behavior of loneliness and sadness when placed in a cage for a very long time.

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Health and Care

Because of its size, the Mini Plush Lop rabbit is inexpensive to maintain.  It should always be provided with vitamin laced pellets which can be bought from local pet shops.  It should also be given small amount of green vegetables and fruits.  Furthermore, it should also be provided with an unlimited supply of clean fresh water put in a pet bowl.  Care should be observed in providing its diet because it has a sensitive digestive system.  If properly taken care of, the Mini Plush Lop can live up to twelve years.

Moreover, its ears are sensitive and thus, should not be pulled.  It can become stressed and excited with excessive movement or handling.  It should be held gently and when letting go, it should be lightly placed down.  Pet owners should observe this because the Mini Plush has fragile bones.

It is also very important that the owner grooms the pet at least once a week and have it checked regularly by a veterinarian and make sure that it receives regular vaccinations. Its ears, nose and mouth should be checked regularly and make sure that these areas are free of mites.  Its fur should be combed regularly with a bristled brush especially during times when it mots to help ease the process.  Clip its nails when length and sharpness become apparent.  Just like with dogs or cats, its nails should be clean and short to avoid leaving a mark when it accidentally scratches your skin.  Lastly, bathe your Mini Plush Lop regularly in lukewarm water and use only rabbit shampoo because any shampoo may cause harm.

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History and Background of the Mini Plush Lop Rabbit

The Mini Plush Lop Rabbit is a result of a scientific breakthrough by the late scientist Devie D’ Anniballe from Ohio who created the breed by selective breeding.  This breed did not just happen in an instant, but rather, it is a result of high intelligence and sharp discipline in a span of twelve years.  It is a result of cross breeding of not only two types of breed, but rather of four breeds including the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit.

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