Tips on How to Make Your New Rabbit Pet Get Along with Other Animals at Home

In terms of companionship for your new rabbit pet, the friendliest animal that you can give them as a friend is the guinea pig. Guinea pigs have the same friendly and gentle temperament as rabbit’s that is why they can get along very well like a rabbit to a companion rabbit. However, not all household considers guinea pig as pet. Most of the time it is a cat or a dog that your new rabbit has to deal with and make used to getting along with. If this is your case, you have to consider some things first before you introduce your new pet rabbit to your dog or also if it’s the other way around.

Your New Rabbit and Other Pets

  • Younger rabbits can get accustomed easily to other pets as they are quiet and not aggressive
  • Consider your dog’s or cat’s genetic instinct. Dogs and cats are considered predator of rabbits. A hunting breed can get to their instinct when they see a rabbit, same goes with cats that are fond of hunting mice.
friendly new rabbit and pet dog

Photo: Daan Franken | Flickr

Training Your New Rabbit and Other Animals Get Along Well

1. After acquiring your new pet rabbit, you may start introducing it to your other animals but make sure you are holding the rabbit gently but securely in your hands. Observe the rabbit’s behavior as well as the other animals.

2. After introducing them the first time you need to separate their rooms until your new rabbit is accustomed to you and its surrounding. There are high chances for new rabbits to get along well with other animals if they are naturally tamed.

3. Pet your rabbit by stroking their back gently, then let your dog or cat smell your hands so they can get accustomed to the rabbit’s scent. Do the same for the dog and cat until the rabbit becomes accustomed to their scent.

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4. On their next meeting, just leave the rabbit inside the cage while your dog is tied on its leash. Same goes for your pet cat. Allow them to smell each other but make sure to watch them closely and prevent any form of aggression from the dog or cat that will put stress on the rabbit. Any act of aggression must be interrupted by a firm and commanding “No!” Make this a habit for quite some time until all animals are acquainted with each other.

5. When you are comfortable enough to introduce your pets without barriers, you can start by getting your rabbit sit on your lap and allow the other animals to smell it while you are protecting the rabbit to any unexpected circumstances. Pet your other animals as well and speak to them in calm manner. Do this step regularly until all animals are relaxed and calm during every meeting. This allows slow process of getting them acquainted with each other which is more effective.

6. When all the animals appear to be friendly with each other, you can start to allow the rabbit roam freely on the floor with the other animals. Just make sure that you are closely watching them. Do this on a regular basis so they will get used to this activity. Always keep an eye when they are playing. Even if you think that everything you did was a success, free encounters of this animal must still be closely monitored.

Rabbits are naturally gentle, calm, and peaceful animals. Your other pets will not see them as a threat. There are many videos and posts on the internet that shows how cats and dogs can get along well with a pet rabbit. If the above mentioned steps is not enough of don’t work, you can ask an animal expert on how to make you new rabbit get along well with other animals. Sometimes it is not the rabbit that is the problem, if the problem is the behavior of the other animal, you make ask an expert to give you tips and advice on how to help your animal deal with other pet at home.

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