Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Jersey Wooly rabbit displays a very small and compact body that weighs between 1 to 3 pounds, making it a dwarf breed. Its ears are also small and erect, while the face is squarely bold, thus the name “mug head rabbit”. The long and soft fur needs low maintenance. During shedding season, it requires once or twice a week brushing to keep it tangle free. Unlike most breeds, Jersey Wooly rabbit does not require trimming or chipping of its coat.

This breed has 5 color groups that are recognized by ARBA: Agouti, Broken, Shaded, Tan Pattern and Any Other Variety Groups. These numerous colorways make this breed one of only a few rabbits with as many color varieties.

Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Photo: hiwarz | Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

Also referred to as “No Kick Bunny”, this breed is highly in demand for its very gentle and well-mannered nature. It is docile, relaxed and has little to no tendency to kick or pose any harm to its owner or handler. Due to its lovable nature, Jersey Wooly is an ideal companion pet for both adults and children. Even senior citizens will have an amazing time interacting and playing with this breed. However, children handling this breed must be extra careful because of its very small size. Improper handling or excess force can inflict harm to its small body. This is the reason why it is always recommended to supervise small children when playing or handling this tiny creature.

Another advantage this breed carries is its requirement for smaller cage or enclosure compared to larger breeds that require spacious environment. Still, the cage must allow your pet to roam around freely and play comfortable. Even though it is small, this breed is active and loves to run around. Making sure that its living space is spacious and comfortable will prevent boredom and inactivity, which will certainly maximize its lifespan.

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In terms of training, Jersey Wooly demands lots of patience and effort. Training various tricks and commands is not impossible with proper training methods. The most important factor is to be consistent in showing patience during the whole training process. Never show any signs of anger or hate whenever your pet loose interest in training. Rabbits are very emotional animals and they respond negatively to harsh behavior.

When playing and interacting with this breed, it is recommended to use toys specifically made for rabbits to increase the quality of bonding moments further. When working on a tight budget, opt for simple and cheap toys such as boxes made from cardboards or plastic ball. In fact, you can use common house items and turn them into toys. On the other hand, if budget is not an issue, opt for toys specifically made for rabbits which are commonly available at local pet shops. Aside from adding fun to your binding activities, these toys will further enhance your pet’s mental and physical abilities.

Health and Care

Unlike many breeds, Jersey Wooly is not highly susceptible to wool block, but can still develop one if its coat is not properly maintained. This breed likes to clean itself by licking its coat, which is the leading cause of wool block. To minimize the possibility of developing this issue, regularly clean the coat by using soft cloth damped in lukewarm water. Make sure to stroke gently and in same directions. Avoid bathing your pet especially in cold locations to prevent developing other health issues.

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Similar to all breeds, you must deworm your furry friend twice a year. One deworming session is effective for about six months. You can purchase deworming paste or tablets at the local pet shop and do the procedure at home. Otherwise, ask your vet to administer the most effective deworming medicine. Furthermore, check for other health issues that commonly affect rabbits such as overgrown teeth and parasite infection.

History and Background of Jersey Wooly Rabbit

This breed is the result of pairing French Angora and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. In 1984, rabbit enthusiasts named Bonnie Seeley introduced Jersey Wooly to ABRA. Four years later, it was officially recognized by this prestigious association. Since then, Jersey Wooly rabbit has gained tremendous popularity as a family pet while also enjoying continuous participation in many rabbits shows worldwide.



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