Interesting Rabbit Facts Every Pet Bunny Owners Should Know

Expert rabbit owners as well as the new ones in rabbit care should at least learn some basic rabbit facts to be able to understand their pets better. Some of these are already known to some but those who want to adopt or acquire a rabbit will benefit if they know something about these animals not only just about their cuteness and cotton tails.

Rabbit Facts You Should Know

1. Rabbits were first discovered by the Phoenician sailors in 1200 BC, on the coast of Spain.

2. Rabbits reached the UK when Romans invaded Britain in AD 43.

3. Catholic monks from France are said to be the first people to domesticate rabbits. They succeed in breeding rabbits according to their preferred size, color, and shape.

4. Rabbits have great sense of sight as they can see from their back at almost 360 degrees. However, rabbits have a blind sight, which is the front of their nose.

5. Rabbits have great sense of hearing. Their large ears can hear from a range of 360 hertz to 42,000 hertz.

6. Rabbits have great sense of smell. In fact, they can smell predators nearby. Their constant nose twitching is a sign that their sense of smell is functioning very well.

7. Rabbits have very strong hind legs allowing them to leap almost one meter high and up to 3 meters in length.

8. Rabbit is the 3rd most popular pet in the UK.

9. When you see a rabbit go ballistic, keeps running around, hopping non-stop, and twisting their body, this means that they are very happy and excited. They call this rabbit behavior “binky”.

white rabbit binky rabbit facts

Photo: Jo | Flickr

10. Rabbits must always be kept with a companion. Rabbits cannot live long without a pair. They will become sad and stressed and become prone to stress related diseases.

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11. A rabbit will be much healthier and happier if they are spayed/neutered. Rabbit experts and veterinarians highly suggest having household rabbits to undergo such procedure especially if they are not intended for breeding. Spaying or neutering rabbits helps them prevent the hormonal changes that go with adolescence. Moreover, spayed rabbits are less likely to contract cancers and other diseases allowing them to reach their full average life span.

12. A rabbit’s diet must be composed of 80% fiber found in hay grass. The other 20% must be from fresh fruits and vegetables that would complete their other nutritional requirements.

13. Digging and chewing are just normal in rabbits. As a matter of fact, these are their favorite past time activity.

14. Domesticated rabbits cannot survive in the wild not only because of the predators but they also don’t have the skills to search for food.

15. Rabbits are intelligent and highly trainable. Contrary to what other believe that rabbits are stubborn animals, rabbits in fact are very smart. They get smarter with age. Matured rabbits are most likely to learn things easily.

16. Rabbit is a symbol during Easter because it represents fertility and rebirth.

17. In Chinese, the rabbit represents graciousness, elegance, sensitivity, compassion, tenderness, and kindness. This is why rabbit is included in the 12 Chinese zodiac signs.

18. One of the saddest rabbit facts happening until now is that they are used in European countries as tester of cosmetic products and some chemicals in laboratories. They are also used in experimentation.

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19. Another well-known rabbit facts is that female rabbits can deliver up to as many as 9 kits. However, there is a tendency for a female rabbit to neglect the kits if they are 8 or more because of its incapacity to care for them. If you rabbit has more than 8 kits, call a veterinarian and ask how you can help the mother rabbit care for its kits.

20. Rabbit’s teeth and nails never stop from growing.

Knowing these things will not only help you in caring for your furry pets but it would also help you understand their personality, history and background and to also know them more as creatures designed to bring joy and happiness to our lives.

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