Ideas for Rabbit Toys Your Pet Bunny Would Love

Rabbits are social animals and they need amusement every once in a while to make sure that they stay mentally active and prevent them from being bored, thus, offering them rabbit toys is the best thing that you can do. We all know what kind of chewers and diggers rabbits could become and these traits are known to cause damages when we leave them at home bored and nothing much to do. Sometimes, even how hard we make sure our home is bunny-proofed, there would still be times they could get away with these hindrances and go beyond their limits to chew any stuff they desire.


rabbit toys for pet bunnies

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To avoid the inconveniences this would cause us, we always have to make sure that they have rabbit toys or things around them to keep them busy. Moreover, providing them rabbit toys and other amusement will not only keep your personal belongings well maintained but you are also giving your rabbit the kind of mental and physical exercise that their body needs to maintain a healthy well-being. Below are some rabbit toys ideas you can create that your pet rabbits will surely enjoy.

Rabbit Toys for Your Bunny’s Amusement Needs

  • Balls

Lots of balls in different colors make rabbits very happy. Rabbits are easily attracted to colorful things. When you offer them these, expect that they would go to each of the ball and play with it. This is a very good enrichment toy for your rabbits.

  • Rolling cage

You can have this DIY’ed or store bought. This is typically made from mesh wires and is a very good exercise tool for your pet rabbit. This is ideal if you have spacious area at your home or on your backyard. Since your rabbit is enclosed in the mesh cage while exploring your home, you can take away your worry about your rabbit going at things they are most likely to chew, especially your expensive wooden furniture.

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When outside, this is also ideal to protect them from predators or other harmful elements plus they can get the right amount of exercise and exposure to fresh air and sunlight. This tool is highly recommended for your pet rabbits, just make sure to properly use this on your rabbit and that kids will not interfere in rolling this object to avoid putting stress on the rabbit when inside.

  • Plastic tunnels

This can also be a DIY project using recycled materials to save you money from buying expensive toy tunnels. You can cut out the top and bottom of recycled plastic bottles (litre size) and add in some accordion pipes to bend and add direction to the tunnel. Just make sure that you drill some holes so that there would be proper ventilation when you rabbit get stuck. Keep this away from them after use so that they won’t end up chewing it.

Rabbits are curious little creatures and would squeeze themselves to fit in on any holes or pipes they see. This is not just entertaining for them but also a good form of exercise.

  • Chew toys

There are many variety of chew toys that are designed for rabbits. You can get them at any pet stores at cheap prices but you can also make your own chew toys for them to make it more special.  You can use strands of woods to create a ball that they both can play and chew on at the same time.

Baby teether can also be a good chew toy for rabbits but they can easily destroy it with their sharp teeth.

  • Box filled with shredded papers
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This is ideal for your burrowers. Sometimes, rabbits could be pretty hard in digging and can destroy your mattings and carpets when you left them on loose at home. Place a large box filled with shredded papers and surely, your rabbit will have so much fun in it while they release their urge to dig. This stuff is very cheap too. You can also replace shredded papers with colorful plastic balls.

  • Maze

This one will give enjoyment not just for your pet but also for you. Watching your dear pet figure its way to the finish line could be so exciting.  You can buy from pet stores or ask a furniture maker to make one for you, or you can create it yourself using a box and some cardboards. This will not only test your rabbit’s physical strength but also their mental agility.

Providing your pet with exciting rabbit toys will help them become happier pets with good well-being. They would become more sociable in life and gentle to their humans. Aside from pure enjoyment, you are also providing your bunnies with enrichment exercise for their mind. Rabbit toys are not just toys but also a tool for your rabbit’s overall health and wellness.




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