Hutch Chewing in Rabbits: How To Control It

A common problem among rabbit owners is uncontrollable chewing, which often results in damaged and broken things, especially inside the house. The reason behind this habit is the fact that rabbits need to chew constantly to prevent their teeth from overgrowing, which is a common rabbit condition that can lead to death when untreated. Aside from chewing on hay, rabbits use different things to make sure that their teeth are maintained in the proper size.

With this fact, do you really have no choice but to let your pet chew on house items or even its cage? No, you do not need to sacrifice your hard earned things just to maintain your pet’s health. Fortunately, there are various effective tips and methods that you can employ to prevent or minimize your pet’s urge to chew on things that it should not.

Improve Food Choices

As mentioned earlier, the most effective food item to keep your pet’s teeth at proper size is hay. Hay must compose 70% of a rabbit’s daily diet. This healthy food naturally chips down rabbit’s teeth to the proper size. Aside from hay, you should include fruits and vegetables that your friend can chew throughout the day. A highly suggested food is carrot, which will keep your pet busy with chewing when served in tiny pieces.


In addition to food, toys made specifically for rabbits can do the trick. If money is not an issue, you can buy special rabbit toys that are readily available in local pet shops. Aside from keeping your pet’s teeth at the proper size, these toys also develop its mental and physical skills. On the other hand, if you are experiencing budget constraints, you can opt for common house items such as cardboard boxes and plastic balls. Often, these items are already on their way to the trash can, so you are basically spending zero dollars. In fact, you can also use the inside carton of paper rolls and link them together to make an elaborate tunnel.

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Various Activities

Rabbits are some of the most active animals due to their very high energy supply. When this energy is not used, your pet can turn into various activities that can cause disaster such as chewing and nibbling. To avoid this problem, always make sure to allow it to do various high energy activities such as running around. In addition, you must let it out from its cage a few hours each day to stretch its legs and interact with humans and other animals. When these requirements are not met, your pet will probably develop boredom and turn to other activities such as chewing and nibbling.

High-Quality Cage or Hutch

Your pet will spend most of its time in a hutch or cage, which is why it is very vital to buy one that is sturdy and of high quality. Some hutches and cages are made of wood or chewable materials, which can be easily damaged or destroyed by your pet when its chewing and nibbling become uncontrollable.

As a solution, it is best to pick a hutch that is made of steel. Aside from the fact that your pet will not be encouraged to chew it, this type of hutch will serve as an added protection against various predators especially when you are planning to place it outside.

Prizes and Praises

Who would not want to receive an award or prize for a job well done? Your pet also deserves a treat or two every time he displays good behavior. After successfully training your pet to avoid chewing on things, you must give it price or reward. These reinforcements can be as simple as a soft pat on the back, or as exciting as rabbit pellets.

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Lastly, you can also keep your pet busy while inside its cage by playing a simple game of hiding and seek. Hide treats and prizes in various areas of its cage or hutch. Aside from keeping your pet occupied, this game will also make your pet feel that you are giving some of your time to develop your relationship.


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