Here How Binky Rabbit Looks Like

Wonder what a binky rabbit does? Watch this video and see what kind of reaction the rabbit makes when it’s too happy.


The video clearly shows that the bunny, whose name is Penny, is excited about the toy in front of her. She examines the toy first and afterwards she did the binky to show how happy she is about her new toy.


Good thing there is a slow motion of the video to see how the rabbit moves because the binky is too fast to notice what kind of actions the rabbit does. You will see that she jumps up in the air while bending and twisting its body. Then she runs around the area.


black spots rabbit do binky rabbit moves

Photo: Jackiesguineapigs | Youtube

You will know that your bunny is happy and healthy when they do this often. It is a sign that they are stress free and have good well-being.

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