Giant Rabbit—Meet Darius and Jeffrey the 4 Ft Bunnies

Have you seen a giant rabbit? Check this and fall in love with this huge rabbit breed.

Meet Darius, the 6-year-old rabbit that is over 4 feet tall. He is a continental giant rabbit breed. His son, Jeffrey, is also growing big. He is now 2 years old and already 3 foot 8 during that video, so we wonder how tall he is now. Obviously, Jeffrey can possibly outgrow his dad because he is still young and has a long way to go.

continental giant rabbit darius

Credit: Caters TV/YouTube

According to their owner, these giant pets are very friendly to humans and they have laid back personalities. They were handled since they were very small which is also the reason why these giant rabbits are also very family oriented. Moreover, their owner said that larger rabbits are easier to handle than smaller ones.
Watch the video and listen to their owner, Anette, as she shares more about her gentle giant rabbits.

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