Funny Rabbit Makes a Weird Scream


Who would ever think that a rabbit could make such as weird sound. Watch and listen to this very short video and see if the funny rabbit is indeed the one who creates the weird sound.



We have heard some strange sounds that a rabbit creates. Sometimes it sounds like a cat or a puppy when they cry, and sometimes they makes weird silly noise when they get angry, but this one is something new.


funny rabbit screaming

Photo: PhenomX9 | YouTube


It seems like the rabbit is screaming as a way to destress itself. Some rabbit experts would say that rabbits scream when they are in danger, but looking at this video, it seems that it’s perfectly safe. Some would say that rabbits scream when they are dying in pain, but judging by how the rabbit looks, it seems perfectly healthy. Well, whatever it is, this rabbit is kind of funny.


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