Fun Activities Your Pet Rabbits Would Love

It would take quite some time for you and your newly acquired pet rabbits to create a special bond that will last for a long time. Building a special bond with them doesn’t only mean that you have to feed them and let them roam around and play. If you want to have your pet rabbit’s loyalty and true affection, you also need to give some of your precious time with them. Below are some of the fun activities you can do with your pet rabbits.

pet rabbits playing ball



Activities to do with your pet rabbits: 

  • Playing with toys. Rabbits are fond of amusement because you can easily attract their attention using colorful toys and some interesting stuff. You can try giving them baby toys and playing with them baby rattle (with mild sound), toys with different shapes and objects, and some squeaky toys (just make sure you don’t squeak them near their ears). They’ll surely come hopping for these toys.
  • For pet rabbits that are diggers and burrowers, it would be fun for your rabbits to play with box filled of shredded papers (safe to chew), or spread straw mat and cardboard tunnels. You’ll find them rolling over these stuff like crazy little buns. Also, rabbits are curious creatures. They would love to squeeze themselves to even the tiniest tunnels they can fit their way on so it is important that you avoid them from getting hurt.
  • Do some exercise activities with your pet. This is not just a fun activity for them but also a healthy one for both of you. Just like humans and any other animals, regular exercise is important to your bunnies too. They need quite a large area to roam around and to exercise their hind legs, you can let them do this outside, in your background (under your watch) or in a spacious area of your home. You can join them while you do your favorite exercise routine too.
  • Aside from giving them toys you can actually play games with your rabbit. Rabbits could get easily bored at times, and when they do that’s the time they start to look for something to do like chewing stuff around your home. One great way to avoid this is to give them fun activities during their free-roaming time.Try building them an obstacle course made from cardboards and empty plastic containers or better yet, build them a gym made from these recycled materials. You can give this to them only during playtime so that they won’t easily lose interest in this stuff. You can play with them using this by being at the end of the course and giving them a treat after successfully finishing the obstacles and reaching the finish line.

    Another game could be rabbit chase. This could be done in an open area at your home or in your garden. You can use a rabbit treat tied or picked on a stick and lure them to follow you around wherever you go. This could be a great form of exercise as they are utilizing their legs.

  • Another fun and worthwhile activity for you and your pet rabbit is training them to use their litterbox. One great way to include this in a fun way is to lure your rabbit by making a track of rabbit treats that they could follow leading them to the litter box. You can fill the litter box with fresh grass hay so that they will easily poop in there after eating. You can do this on a regular basis until your pet rabbit gets used to the routine and also starts to use the litter box.
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With any activities you choose to do with your pet, always bear in mind that pet rabbits could be fragile and sensitive at times and can easily get stressed especially when they get anxious. It is always important that you take into consideration these things prior to making any tedious or stressful activity with them. As a pet owner you are responsible for their health and always make sure that your pet’s well-being is taken care of.

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