Florida White Rabbit

The Florida White Rabbit is considered to be one of the most versatile rabbit breeds. It is sought-after not only because of its good natured temperament, but is also known as a great show animal.  It is a relatively small rabbit, all white in color and no other markings.  It has red albino eyes.  It also has a round compact body with a short neck. It has thick ears which stand upright.  It is well muscled which is noticeable in its hindquarters, back and shoulders.

The Florida White’s coat is short and soft, which makes it attractive for cuddling.   One way to bond with this pet is having weekly grooming session using a bristled brush, which is ideal because the Florida White does not tend to shed much fur.   Gently brushing its fur and massaging its body can be a very good way to have a connection with this pet.

Florida White Rabbit

Photo: Tomi Tapio K | Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

The Florida White is a sweet, docile rabbit and loves to interact with its owners and other animals as well.  It is a calm, laid back pet which checks its surroundings at its own pace.  It also asks for attention from its pet parents to pat its back or gently massage its body and scratch its head.

It is very crucial to socialize your pet rabbit as soon as you can, preferably when it is still young.  This includes bringing it out of its cage, petting it, and introducing it to other members of the family, even to young children.  Not only it is an ideal pet for children, but practically, for all members of the family, regardless of age, who like to have a furry friend and company.

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Generally, rabbits can be chewy and this characteristic is also found in the Florida White.  The best thing to do is to provide it with some toys to chew on.  Otherwise, it would chew on practically anything it can hold on to.  Just like other pets, this breed can also be trained where to litter.  However, it would be more of a challenge to train it because, unlike pet cats or dogs, it is much to teach tricks and commands.

Health and Care

To ensure that it receives a well-balanced diet, you must provide your pet with ample supply of fresh hay, which should make most of its daily diet.  In addition to the unlimited supply of hay, there should be leafy greens, fruits and vegetables.  The recommended type of hay is the timothy hay because it is a very good source of protein, fiber and calcium.  It is also very important that you provide your pet with fresh water readily available to drink.

Aside from the staple food of your pet rabbit, the timothy hay, you may also feed it with plain pellets which are available at any local pet shops.  You should also watch the weight of your pet as it tends to gain weight faster compared to other active breeds of rabbits.  A visit to the veterinarian would be ideal to check the general health condition of your pet.

The good news is that this breed is not particularly susceptible to diseases but you may take preventive measures to make sure that the pet is healthy and happy.  One possible health problem that this rabbit can acquire is vitamin D deficiency.   To avoid this, take the rabbit outside, say in the garden, to give it a chance to run around and bask in the sun and of course, to have a breath of fresh air.

History and Background of Florida White Rabbit

Florida White Rabbit breed was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. in year 1967.  The originator of this breed was one of the ARBA judges, Orville Miliken, who mixed breed the albino Dutch, albino Polish and New Zealand White of small size.  He obtained a compact animal through selective breeding and utter determination.

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The result: Florida White rabbit, an ideal show animal with pure white fur and no other markings. It has a good texture and density and an intact meaty body.  It is a generally calm animal, submissive, good-natured and relaxed pet rabbit, which when properly taken care of, could live up to 5 or more years.

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