English Angora

The English Angora is a small-sized rabbit breed that weighs around 5-6 lbs. They have a compact body type that is rounded in shape. Their appearance is often compared to as round balls of fluff because of their fluffy fur and little rounded body. They have a broad, flat head, and ears that are also wooly but short. The English Angora has distinct facial furs that separate them from other Angora breeds.

They have very thick, wooly coat that is silky in texture and because of this, regular grooming is required and more so during shedding season to keep their coat from tangling, matting, and excessive shedding.  Their coat and fur varies in color depending on the group they belong to. The Agouti group consists of lynx, chestnut, and chocolate colored rabbits. The Self group is composed of the black, blue, and lilac. The Shaded group is the black tort, blue tort, the chocolate torte, and lilac tort. For the standard English Angora rabbit in the show class category, the pure white coat and ruby red eyes breed is used. For the pointed group, these are the white-colored ones with black spots on their nose and legs or Black Pointed White, the Chocolate Pointed White (white with brown spots on nose and legs), and the Blue Pointed White which are the white with light greys pots on nose and legs.

English Angora rabbit with blackk and white fur

Photo: Dennis Harper | Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

This rabbits have sweet and loving personality. They are very fond of human companionship. Since they have pretty long fur, the human who regularly grooms and pet them could easily build trusting relationship with this rabbit breed more so if this is the same human who feeds them every day. They can be introduced to children because this rabbit breed has a docile and calm personality as long as children are gentle in handling rabbits.

The English Angora is not as clingy as some of the other rabbit breeds. If you provide them with safe rabbit toys and some form of enrichment in their cages, they can be good to play alone or with their companion rabbit. They can be ideal pets for single people, couples, and family with children. Overall, the English Angora is a gentle, curious, and calm rabbit as pet.

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Health and Care

All rabbit breeds must have a healthy diet composed mostly of fresh grass hay. This is very important for their digestive system and for the absorption of the nutrients they need in their body. You can also offer them formulated pellets coated with vitamins and mineral. Fruits and vegetables must also be offered occasionally to complete their nutritional requirements.

Rabbits are excessive chewers which is in fact a necessity for them to keep their teeth well maintained and in proper shape. Aside from their food, rabbit can also be offered with safe rabbit chew toys to satisfy their urge to chew. Fresh wood branches can also be offered for chewing purposes.

The English Angora requires more attention than the attention you provide to other rabbits. This is because of their coat length and texture. The most common rabbit disease that the English Angoras are prone to is the hairball disease because of their long fur which they sometimes ingest when they groom themselves. This condition can block their intestines and can be very fatal since rabbits don’t have the ability to digest this kind of blockage. They need to be regularly combed to detangle their fur and keep them healthy looking. Brushing their hair also stimulates the release of their body’s natural oil to keep their fur healthy and glossy.

English Angora rabbits can be housed indoors or also outdoors depending on the temperature. Extreme outside temperature could affect their health so it is also important that aside from dedicating an outdoor area for them, you can also set up a confinement area inside your home that is rabbit-proofed and safe for them. If they are dedicatedly housed indoors, they must have some time of activities outside their cage for their mind enrichment and physical exercise.

History and Background of the English Angora

The Angora rabbit breed is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic rabbits that originate from Ankara Turkey. They are cousins with the French Angora, Satin Angora, and the Giant Angora breeds.  They were brought to the United States in 1939 and were considered as one type of breed with the French Angora, they were called as the Angora Wooler during that time but in 1944 their breed was eventually separated into two thus, the term English Angora and French Angora was named to distinguish one from the other.

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