Cute Rabbit Video: Rabbits Try to Get Along with Cat

Have you seen rabbits trying to be friendly with a cat? Watch this cute rabbit video and see if the cat will make friends with these curious bunnies.

Cute Rabbit Video

Photo: tesslaatje | YouTube

We all know that most of the time rabbits behavior is shy and timid when they encounter strangers and other animals, but these two rabbits are quite different because they are trying to be friendly with the cat.

You will see in the video that the rabbits are trying to get near the cat perhaps because of curiosity and trying to get acquainted with their new found friend. But the cat seems to be a mean and stubborn to these friendly little rabbits. Whenever they try to get near the cat, the cat will act in its defense mode as if these rabbits are a threat.

Though the rabbits feel a bit scared with the cat’s response, they would not give up. The two rabbits even act as if they are making a plan on how to befriend the mean cat. Watch this video til the end and find out if the cat will make friends with these persistent bunnies.

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