Common Accidents and Rabbit Death Cause Part 1

Sudden rabbit death could happen even if your pet is home indoors. Accidents and sudden causes are some of the reasons why premature death of rabbit could take place even if you try to give them the best care possible. The average lifespan of a domesticated rabbit is around 8 to 10 years, but sometimes it could even extend a few more especially if the rabbit is properly taken care of.

Knowing the common accidents and some of the sudden rabbit death causes will help you understand how to care for them even better. Having them live their life to the fullest is actually in the palm of your hands. Preventing accidents and sudden causes by knowing the possibilities of them happening around your home is the essence of protecting the life of your precious little pet bunnies.

Some of the Common Cause of Sudden Rabbit Death

1. Acclimation to weather/temperature

Rabbits are not as adaptive to the changing weather and temperature compared to other animals. Excessive heat during summer can kill them and so is excessive cold temperature during the winter months. The rabbit’s delicate system may not be able to keep up adjusting to the weather. This scenario normally happens to indoor rabbits that are suddenly placed outdoors. Aside from adjusting to the weather and temperature, they also need to adjust to the new surrounding outside of your home which also adds up to the stress.

outdoor rabbit

Photo: Kevin Jump | Flickr

2. Flea infestation

This can be prevented if you do a regular health check on your pet rabbit. Examining their fur for any signs of tick and flea infestation is very important. When a germ-infested flea gets into your rabbit’s coat and body it would reproduce eggs in a fast phase, it will suck on your rabbit’s blood and can even contaminate their system. This is one of the major sudden rabbit death causes in the United States. Some excessive flea diseases are ear mites and myxomatosis, etc.

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3. Children mishandling

It is recommended that children under the age of 12 should not handle a rabbit unless they are trained to do so. Rabbits are very delicate creatures and they easily get stressed and anxious when they are improperly handled. Never allow a toddler to play with pet rabbit in way where the child could get physical contact. When a rabbit gets scared while being carried, it may suddenly jump off from the hands or arms and could fall drastically on the floor causing bone injuries. Injured rabbits will be in pain and may die from it and from stress.

rabbit death causes chased by kids

Photo: vicki watkins | Flickr

4. Frightened / Scared

Rabbits are quite sensitive as pets and they get easily scared almost about everything they are not familiar with. Strangers could scare them, new surrounding can scare them, and other animals can scare them too. They key to this is to introduce them in a slow manner and do not rush things on them.  Lou sounds are also one of the causes of rabbit death due to shock or from heart attack.

5. Other animals at home

We sometimes see cats and dogs getting along well with domesticated rabbits, and we would think that this is just okay. If you plan to have different animals to co-exist in your household, there are several things to consider first.

(1)Animals like schnauzer dog breed is a hunting dog and they prey on rabbits, make sure that your dogs or cats are not from the ancestors of hunting breed.

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(2)Ferrets and rabbits are impossible to get along well as ferrets are natural predators or rabbits. They are meat-eaters and there is a possibility for them to feed on your rabbit.

(3) If you want your rabbits and other pets (gentler breed of cats and dogs) to get along well, you need to be patient because this process will need time and effort on your part. Slowly introducing them and preventive measures has to be taken to avoid putting your rabbit’s like in danger and cause them sudden rabbit death. (Click here to see post on: Tips on How to Make Your New Rabbit Pet Get Along with Other Animals at Home)

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