Choosing Rabbits as Pet: Things to Consider and Prepare For a Pet Rabbit

Having a pet rabbit around can brighten your day because these cottontails are excellent companion pets. There are many things about rabbits that you will definitely love and will also make you choose them over other animals. Aside from being naturally cute and charming, rabbits are smart and they have a very interesting personality.

Before being lured by their cuteness and squishy appearance, know first the things you need to consider and prepare for before getting a pet rabbit. It is highly important that you think them over a lot of times because caring for a rabbit will need some adjustments particularly in your lifestyle. We came up with a list of the most important things you need to look into so that both of you and your soon-to-be pet could live in a healthy and harmonious relationship.

Things to consider and prepare for when choosing a pet rabbit

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Cost and budget

• Getting a rabbit from a rescue shelter will cost only an adoption fee of around $50-$70 with the rabbit having been already neutered or spayed. If you acquire from a pet store or a breeder, it will cost you not more than $50 but you have to save funds for neutering in the future. Neutering or spaying costs around $100 to $500.

• You need a rabbit hutch or rabbit cages to house your pet. Whether you want to keep them indoors or outdoors, you need a rabbit house to confine them during some time. A puppy pen is also recommended.

Rabbit cages in Walmart cost $30 to $70 depending on the size of the cage. Rabbit hutch cost starts at $80 for small size and up to more than $300 for bigger sized hutches. Usually the cages and hutches come with free food and water containers.

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• Litter and litter tray or litter box. This is an essential to maintain the cleanliness of your pet rabbit and your surroundings. A pack of litter costs around $5 to $20 depending on the volume of the content. Litter box or tray could cost around $7 – $10 for ordinary trays or boxes while sophisticated ones could cost around $100.

• Mattings or resting pads for rabbit are essential for their fragile foot padding. Make sure to have this around or in some areas of their cage so they could rest their foot pads in there once in a while. The cost ranges from $4 and up.

• Pet foods and grass hay. You can have them grow in your backyard or buy them in the grocery and pet store.

Your new pet rabbit’s safety

• Caring for pet rabbit outdoors requires that you place them in a safe area outside your house where no predators will be lurking around. Make their cage or hutch as durable as possible to avoid wild animals getting in.

• Set a schedule to check on them every day for food and other needs most especially if your rabbits are staying outdoors.

Indoor rabbits need to be protected from household hazards. Even if they are inside a cage, the chance of them escaping is always possible. Rabbit proofing your home is important and start it by having electric wires and cords covered or enclosed in a plastic tubing that could resist a rabbit’s teeth from chewing. Carpets and furniture need the same proofing if you want to maintain your stuff in its original shape and form.

Health and Well-being

• Regular grooming and hygiene check for your rabbit is very important if you want to keep them clean and healthy. Always examine their ears and fur for any signs of parasites. Comb them regularly as much as possible to prevent creating furballs in their tummy whenever they clean themselves. Massive furballs in their stomach is fatal and could cause to death.

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• Checking their teeth if they are growing in the right direction is also something you need to consider doing because sometimes their teeth could overlap or becomes overly crooked causing them to lose their eating enticement which leads to starvation.

• Litter training rabbits is very helpful not only for a cleaner surrounding but also to their health. When their fur and feet are soaked in their own urine, it could cause inflammation that can lead to certain complications.

• Spending quality time with your rabbit promotes a healthy relationship between you and your pet. This is one of the most important things you need to consider having and preparing for.

Rabbits are smart animals and they will give you pure enjoyment from being a young rabbit and as they grow into mature ones. They can show you love and loyalty in return. Having them around for a companion pet is a good way to relieve stress from a long day’s work.

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