10 GIFs That Prove Bunnies are Awesome Pets

Bunnies are among the top 3 animals that people love as pets. Many rabbit pet owners would agree that rabbits can be one of the best companion pets alongside with cats and dogs. Their cute appearance, sweet and gently personality, as well as their ability to learn are the things that people like the most about their pet rabbits.

bunnies in cups

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If you are one of the few who thinks that bunnies are just pure cuteness and nothing else, then check out these 10 moving images to believe that rabbits can be awesome pets to have at home.


Proof that bunnies are fun-loving animals

  1. Cute + Funny = Adorable

Rabbits’ cuteness make them look funnier when they do silly things. You will find yourself giggling because of the way they handle their failed moments when they try to do something.


  1. The way they sniff and move their noses are already entertaining what more when they add some charms. It will surely melt your heart like this image:


  1. They are full of surprises. If you didn’t know anything much about rabbits, then let them show you what they can do. Ever wonder why rabbits are often used in magic tricks? Surprise!


  1. They can be comical. They can really be funny especially when they have playmates. They can actually make you laugh without much effort on their part. When you have bunch of pet rabbits around, you’ll find yourself observing them how they interact and notice a lot of funny things they do together.


  1. They are clever. Rabbits don’t want complicated things. They will do things their way, the way they want it simple and fast.


  1. They can be best friends with your other pet animals. Bunnies are gentle in nature and they can get along well with other animals especially if that animal will not think of them as food. Rabbits are affectionate and harmless. Most often, they are actually the ones being harmed by other pet animals.


  1. They are trainable. Rabbits are smart and can easily learn things especially as they get older. They can learn how to potty train and learn tricks. With your patience and perseverance in training your pet rabbit, you can make them join rabbit shows and impress everyone with their amazing skills.


  1. They can be your child’s playmate.
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Your daughter wants to play tea party but there is nobody else to play with as you are busy in the kitchen. Your pet bunny can actually fit in this scenario. Rabbits are naturally gentle pets and they can get along well with children particularly those who just want to quietly play in the corner. Rowdy kids can scare and stress your rabbit but if it’s just a simple game with tea set and stuffs (not the beer), your pet bunny could be a really nice playmate.


  1. They can be naughty. When they feel the urge, they will release it at all cost, even if there is no female rabbit around. This is also the reason why some would recommend having rabbits spayed or neutered when it reaches puberty. A lot of times, hormonal changes make rabbit quite grumpy.


  1. They will always remind you what love is. Rabbits are loving animals. They could love humans and other animals. They are showy with their affection and also clings for the same affection from their human.


These images will surely convince you that rabbits are really awesome as pets.  They are not just about cuteness, hopping, and eating carrots. These days, some species of rabbits are being trained to perform in some animal assisted therapy.

If you still don’t buy the idea of having rabbits as awesome pet, then try to get a rabbit for yourself because most probably, you will also be encountering the scenarios mentioned above.

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