Britannia Petite Rabbit

The Britannia Petite rabbit is a dwarf rabbit breed that shows a fully arched compact body matched with a short neck. Its head gives a wedge shaped appearance, with short but pointed ears that is almost perfectly vertical. Its eyes are so large which seems to make them pop out of its face. Their average weight is about 0.7 kg to 1.2kg

They come in different colors including white, black otter, black, sable and chestnut. Unlike most rabbit, this breed has short but soft coating that demands low maintenance. Although it tends to shed more than usual, all you really have to do to maintain its beauty and softness is to brush one or twice weekly.

Britannia Petite Rabbit white with red eyes

Photo:  rabbit_mage  | Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

Due to its energetic nature, Britannia Petite is not really recommended for senior citizens because they will have a hard time keeping up with its unlimited energy. In addition, this breed needs daily outdoor time where it can run freely and explore things in its environment. In terms of training, rabbits require more time and effort compared to other animals. Training to sit, walk, and run a Britannia Petite will be hard but not impossible. Once training is successful, you will reap the rewards of your hard work as this breed is considered a great and friendly companion.

If you are a first time owner and is up to the challenge of raising an energetic rabbit, then this breed is perfect for you. Being small, it is perfect for small apartments as it will need only small space for its home. However, you need to spend time because it enjoys and thrives on interacting with people. Take time to bring it out from its cage and play with your children.

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If you are planning to leave it in its cage for some time, make sure to give it simple toys like a small ball or empty paper roll to keep it busy. If you have extra money, buy special toys for rabbits in any pet shop. Doing this will help your rabbit burn energy and keep its curios mind occupied.

Health and Care

Britannia Petite rabbit is considered to be healthy with no particular health issues connected to this breed. One health problem that this breed can be at risk is overgrown teeth, which is a common condition that occurs when a rabbit does not eat enough hay. Hay must be a staple in a rabbit’s diet because it slowly grinds a rabbit’s teeth to maintain proper size. When left untreated, the teeth can grow to the face, causing extreme pain. Furthermore, if your rabbit suddenly lost its appetite or does not poop regularly, it is highly probable that it is suffering from overgrown teeth. Once these symptoms are observed, immediately bring it to a veterinarian.

Like for all animals, balanced diet is the most important factor in maintaining good health. The recommend diet include plenty of fresh water and hay, which constitute 75% of its diet. The remaining part is a mixture of vegetable like carrots and broccoli, and fresh fruits that are low in sugar like apple and banana.

Most of a rabbit’s health issues are interrelated. For example, if you feed your rabbit the wrong food, the chance of diarrhea is highly probable. More than regular pooping will attract all kinds of insects and flies, which can lay thousands of eggs in your pet’s coat. To prevent from all of these diseases from happening, make sure to feed proper diet including hay, fresh fruits and vegetable.

Rabbit are also susceptible to worm formation, which can be fatal when untreated. Rabbit experts recommend twice a year deworming to make sure no worms are growing. Rabbit deworming pastes are readily available at various pet shops. Aside from worms, your pet can also be infested with ear mites. To avoid this problem, regularly clean its ear with a soft cloth damped in water. Make sure to reach the most inner part where mites usually burrow.

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History and Origin of Britannia Petite Rabbit

Britannia Petite rabbit evolved from a popular breed in the 1800’s called Polish rabbit, which was exported to the US in 1990’s. Britannia Petite rabbits, still called Polish Rabbit by the British Council, is an upgraded breed with more refined bone structure and upright stance. As this breed started to grow its popularity in the US, the American Rabbit Breeder’s Association recognized it as a different breed from the Polish Rabbit.

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