Blow-Dried Angora Bunny Fur

Watch this awesome video of a blow-dried Angora bunny fur. Click the play button and see what this bunny looks like after being dried up.

Angora bunny with lady video screenshot

Photo: Barcroft TV | YouTube

We all know that Angora bunnies are one of the rabbit breeds with the longest and fluffiest fur. So have you ever wondered what they look like after cleaning and drying up using a blow drier? Well as you expect they turn out even fluffier and more adorable. They are so fluffy that you won’t even recognize them as bunnies.

Angora rabbit can really be high maintenance in terms of grooming because of their very long fur. So if you are considering this rabbit breed then you must be prepared to comb and groom them more often than other rabbit breeds.

The lady on the video (Professor Chu) has been breeding Angora rabbits for 34 years now and one of her rabbits has been actually recognized by the Guinness Book of World records. So if you want to learn how to patiently care for these rabbits, just watch the full video.


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