Beveren Rabbit

Beveren rabbit is a large-sized rabbit breed that weighs around 8 up to 12 lbs. It has a pear-shaped body like a semi arc with medium sized torso and full back. It has long, erect ears that can grow up to five inches or even more.

Their cute appearance is complemented by their short and dense fur. This fur and coat is soft to touch. Like cats, Beveren rabbits tend to shed coat often, but due to the size of its fur, you may not even notice the shedding.

Another factor that adds up to this breed’s beauty is its amazing fur color. Beveren rabbits come in various colors but only three colors are accepted by the ARBA and these are solid blue, solid black and blue-eyed white.

Beveren rabbit lying inside the cage

Photo: rabbit_mage | Flickr

Behavior and Temperament

Considered as one the cutest creatures on earth, the Beveren rabbits are also highly sought as a family pet because of its endearing personality. This breed is an active pet but they are friendly to children, which makes them grow in popularity throughout the years. Although its ancestors are not full know yet and is still up for debate, one place that it sure to have them belong to is at your home. But before making it your next family pet, you need to consider first the Beveren’s rabbit health issues, temperament and background.

To make your relationship with your Beveren rabbit a smooth sailing one, it is a must to fully understand its behavior, temperament and how it can react to different factors in its environment. Just like the energizer bunny, Beveren rabbits have seemingly unlimited source of energy. They are fond of moving around and explore things in their surroundings.

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This breed also enjoys interacting with people and other animals. Their high level of curiosity may sometimes put them at risk so you should always make sure that they are in a safe environment. If you keep your rabbit indoor, make sure that your home is free from any electrical wires or any object that this bunny can chew or bite, which is also another favorite activity. Moreover, the Beveren rabbit enjoys being with nature so make sure that you spend time with it outdoors. Doing this will also prolong your pet’s life.

Health and Care

Proper diet or nutrition plays a major role in ensuring that your rabbit maximizes his life expectancy. Just like other breeds, 70% percent of this their diet must be composed of fresh hay and with the remaining being a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables. But take note that there are fruits and vegetables that may bring harm than good. One common culprit are apples, which contain small amounts of cyanide. Although not really harmful to humans, even the smallest dose of cyanide will probably pose sickness to your pet. Another food to avoid is mushrooms as this has been proven to be a potential cause of rabbit cancer.

Due to its softness, rabbit fur is a favorite breeding place of various insects like fleas and flies, which can lay hundreds of eggs over time. To avoid this health condition in your rabbit, proper grooming and balanced diet must be followed. Make sure to regularly check your pet’s coat for flea infestation. A quick bath or wet wipe can also do wonders. Proper diet consisting of essential vitamins and minerals will also provide your furry pet an effective stamina to fight off any infection or disease.

Due to the fact that your rabbit’s teeth do not stop from growing, there are instances when a visit to a veterinarian is needed to clip them to proper length.

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History and Background of the Beveren Rabbit

Beveren is a name of a town in Belgium which many rabbit enthusiasts believe to be the origin of this rabbit. Although others claim that the real origin of this breed is traced back to England, one thing certain is that Beveren rabbits have seen rapid increase in popularity and demand since it was first introduced as a show animal way back early 1990’s. With its name already established, the Beveren Club was formed in 1918. On that same year, the Beveren rabbit breed was considered as the most sought-after fur breed in the whole of United Kingdom. Several months later, it was exported in America, where it continues to enjoy a celebrity treatment to this day.

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