Adorable Baby Rabbit Sleeping Soundly On His Back

Watch this baby rabbit sleep.


This baby rabbit is just so adorable! The rabbit sleeps soundly when he is lying flat on his back like a stuffed toy. If you watch the video you will see that no matter how much he gets gently poked, tumbled and turned he is still sleeping soundly when he is on this position.


baby rabbit sleeping on his back

Credit: Miss Aww/YouTube

The bunny would wake up but with few rubs and stroked he will fall asleep fast again. Normally rabbits sleep with stomach on the floor, but this cute cottontail could sleep better when he is on the opposite position. Perhaps this baby rabbit has been used to sleeping this way.

Rabbits are so funny when they do silly antics like this. That is why a lot of animal lovers are considering rabbits as pet. Watch the video so you will see how cute rabbits can be.

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